Checking out as a registered CenPOS user

If you are checking out as a previously registered CenPOS user, you are not prompted for a Login Email and Password. These credentials are only entered once and cannot be modified.

To check out as a registered CenPOS user:

  1. On the Shopping Cart page, click Checkout. The Checkout page will be displayed.
  2. In the Contact Information section, verify your contact information and make any necessary changes.
    • If you are a consumer that is not a business, do not change the requested shipping date or specify a purchase order number.
    • If you are a registered business-to-business user, you can accept the default shipping date or set it to a day in the future. You can also enter a purchase order number, if necessary.
  3. The Login Email is displayed in the Credit Card Account pane. You cannot modify this field.
  4. In the Address Information section, if your billing address is the same as your shipping address, click Copy Billing Address to automatically enter the shipping address.
  5. To select a credit card for payment, click Continue.
  6. The Storefront Commerce Payment Panel is displayed.
    • To display a list of valid credit cards, click Select/Manage Cards.
    • To select a different payment card, select the credit card in the list and click Apply.
    • To view prior transactions, select Payments.

    To add, change, or delete a credit card, see Working with credit cards.

  7. Enter the Card Verification Value (CVV) code. The CVV code is not stored by CenPOS and must be entered at each checkout.
  8. Click Submit. The payment card is submitted to CenPOS. 

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