Using the Order Pad

Registered users can use the Order Pad to order up to 100 items at a time if you know the item numbers.

To use the Order Pad:

  1. In the My Account section, click Order Pad.
  2. In the first line on the Order Pad, enter an item number and quantity to order. The item number can be a manufacturer or customer item number.
  3. Repeat Step 2 for each subsequent line until all item numbers that you want to order are entered.
  4. Click Add to Cart when you complete the page or you complete your order.
    If you forget to add a quantity before you click Add to Cart, a quantity of one unit is added to the cart. If necessary, you can change the quantity on the Shopping Cart page.
  5. Additionally, you can upload a spreadsheet of SKUs and quantities to the Order Pad.

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