LinMot manufactures a complete line of Linear Motors, Guided Actuators, Servo Drives, and MagSpring constant force magnetic springs. LinMot linear motors provide extremely high speed, long life, complete controllability, long strokes and peak forces to 600 pounds.

LinMot tubular linear motor systems are very competitive when the productivity and life of your machine matters. They come in carriage and cylinder styles. They are great in tough environments, stainless and sealed versions are available and designed for wet, nasty and food/drug sensitive applications.

LinMot’s MagSprings balance vertical loads, acting like an antigravity device which eliminates the need for brakes. The LinMot linear-rotary actuators combine two motors into one. They are fantastic for pick and place applications and they even have the versions with hollow shafts to port air or cables.

LinMot Servo Drives are available in many power and performance levels, and are compatible with nearly every Industrial Communications Network.


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