ModuSystems is one of the industry’s newest, most capable and most innovative companies. Their Motion Controllers are designed, manufactured and supported in California. ModuSystems is owned by a small team of engineers with over 50 years of combined experience in Motion Control and Machine Automation. They make single to multi-axis Motion/Machine Controllers for Servo and Step Motor systems, including a DIN rail mountable version with integrated multi-axis motor drives. ModuSystems products are particularly modular (mix and match motor types, number of axes), flexible (add modules as needed, powerful programming), and easy to use (easy to wire and get going).

ModuSystems software was inspired by MIT Media Labs “Scratch” software that was developed to teach the fundamentals and structure of programming. Their multi-level software provides a visual layer that almost anyone can program, as well as object-oriented text language for sophisticated programmers. ModuSystems “Snap2Motion” software implements a similar building block approach for industrial motion control. A wide variety of pre-configured building blocks exist, but should a limitation be encountered, flexibility enables the user to create their own and use them in conjunction with the existing blocks. Groups of blocks can also be combined into a single block for repeated functions.

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