Moog Animatics

Animatics, the inventor of the SmartMotor™, has been changing motion control paradigms for over 25 years by integrating an entire servo motion control system into the body of a servo motor. This drastically reduces the size and cost of machines, reduces engineering time, frees panel space, eliminates cables, increases reliability, improves serviceability, and reduces the total cost of your products and processes, while increasing performance. SmartMotors™ come in NEMA 17, 23, and 34 frame sizes, and up to 600 Watts of power.

Their proven innovation continues to be the easiest way to solve most positioning applications and one of the most elegant ways to tackle the industry’s most extreme, out-of-the-box applications. Far better than any other control solution, SmartMotors™, along with Animatics’ line of linear actuators and gearheads, provide the ultimate “black box” solution for motion and machine control. Simply apply power and program what you want it to do. Much more than a simple device, SmartMotors™ can be networked, can perform multi-axis coordinated motions, are able to read and manipulate I/O and may act as a node or as a complete standalone small machine control.

Moog Animatics prides itself on offering the most creative and complete answer to your motion control questions, winning numerous Product of the Year Awards and recognition from elite design journals such as Electronic Products, Design News, Product Design and Development, and Inc. Magazine.

Their automation solutions are used in just about every imaginable industry, including but not limited to semiconductor, automotive, life sciences, test & measurement, textile, packaging, machining, aerospace, defense, security, marine sciences, and more.