PBC Linear

PBC Linear is an AS9100C certified domestic manufacturer of linear motion systems and components. PBC Linear is known for inventing the Simplicity® plain round or “Little Red” Bearing with FrelonGOLD® technology, used in machines for decades.

Today, PBC Linear leverages this and other new technologies to provide an outstanding lineup of standard and custom actuators and linear motion components. PBC Linear actuators come in a variety of lengths and sizes, and leverage the most appropriate power transmission (ball screw, lead screw, belt, or pneumatic) and bearing (plain, cam-roller, ball, roller) technology for your specific application.

PBC Linear’s patented SIMO™ process makes them the quality and cost leader in aluminum based actuators. It allows them to provide product solutions with machined precision at aluminum extrusion prices and is the basis for their new SIMO™ Series Linear Motion platform as well as other standard products such as IVT (Integral V Technology), GST (Gliding Surface Technology) and their linear actuator product family.

Unlike other actuator suppliers, PBC Linear oversize their extrusions, but then uses their SIMO™ process to, in a single pass, machine all the critical surfaces of the actuator body to the exact dimensions needed. This one-of-a-kind process makes PBC Linear actuators six times straighter, twice as flat, with half the twist of other aluminum actuators – and for less money. If you are an OEM, looking for a high quality, cost effective actuator or multi-axis system that can position to better than 0.001″, carry up to 5,000 lbs., with travel lengths up to 19 feet, PBC Linear is a great company to consider.

Another new PBC innovation used within their actuator systems is their Constant Force™ lead screw technology that uses a unique spring wrap tensioner to apply a constant preload to their nuts over the life of an application regardless of use and/or wear. This prevents backlash now and over the entire life of a machine!

PBC Linear