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Find out the Latest Information on Tubing, Transformers, Power Supplies, Flow Meters and other Components and Controls from Many of our Leading Manufacturers

In today’s world, as technology frequently advances and competition remains fierce, Steven Engineering believes it’s important to consistently offer you a selection of quality controls and components so that your organization can provide the best end product to your customers.  From tubing and flow meters to transformers and power supplies, we remain at the forefront of technology developments and provide you with product innovations through from our manufacturers on a regular basis.  Steven Engineering publishes continuous updates on the latest products, catalogs and brochures that have recently been released by our manufacturers.  On the next several pages preview the newest in product innovations and printed catalogs and/or brochures from our manufacturers like Banner Engineering, Phoenix Contact, Schneider Electric, and SMC Pneumatics to name a few.

In this section, you will find a brief description of each new product along with a technical datasheet if available to supplement the product.  By giving you a wealth of information about the product, we believe you can efficiently evaluate the product, and make better buying decisions for your application needs.  Not only will you have access to product technical specifications for new products, but you will also be able to order the latest product brochures and catalogs we publish in this section.  All it takes is to provide us with information on where to send your hardcopy print, a few clicks and your catalog will be on its way.  Before preparing your next product requisition, visit our New Products and Literature page. To review the latest literature published by our manufacturers, click on "New Literature" below:


new products
Banner Engineering Q45UAA Close-Range Ultrasonic Wireless All-in-One Sensors

Q45UAA Ultrasonic Wireless All-in-One Sensors

  • Banner Engineering’s new close-range Q45UAA models expand its Q45 series of ultrasonic all-in-one wireless sensors and nodes.
  • Sensing range of 100mm to 1m.
  • Monitors the fill level of wet or dry assets in a tank and communicates data to a DXM wireless controller over a wireless network.
  • Combines a sensor, wireless node, and battery power in one compact device that costs less than purchasing individual components.

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Banner Engineering Wireless Q45TA  All-in-One Thermistor Sensor Node

Wireless Q45TA All-in-One Thermistor Sensor Node

  • Banner Engineering’s new Q45TA Thermistor node measures and monitors the temperature of key areas and processes using a 1.8m thermistor probe.
  • Tracks materials as they are moved around a facility or between buildings.
  • Provides the temperature data needed to make critical shutdown decisions when the temperature becomes dangerously high.
  • Non-invasive add-on for industries that need to track manufacturing tolerances and provide data to customers.

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Dorner ERT 250 Conveyors

ERT 250 Conveyors

  • Dorner’s new ERT 250 is a precision edge roller pallet and tray handling conveyor providing efficient, non-contact zoning for medium and heavy load assembly automation applications. Clean, open roller design is ISO Class 4 approved for cleanrooms.
  • Non-contact zone control provides simplified traffic control, eliminating pallet stops and costly pneumatic valves.
  • Versatile and durable low back pressure platform for the conveyance of appliance, electronics, automotive and consumer goods product assembly.
  • 50W, 3.5A, low voltage brushless DC motors are used to save space and provide improved efficiency.

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Leviton 30A and 60A LEV Series Mechanical Interlocks with Inform™ Technology

30A and 60A LEV Series Mechanical Interlocks with Inform™ Technology

  • Leviton has added Inform™ Technology to its 30A and 60A LEV series of Mechanical Interlocks.
  • On-device, local monitoring with LED indication of operating status on cover.
  • Optional remote monitoring via Wi-Fi allows for 24/7 access to insights of all devices, such as enclosure temperature, humidity, liquid accumulation inside the enclosure, line-side and load-side voltage values, ground continuity, and welded contacts.
  • IP66, IP67, IP68, IP69K rated enclosure is constructed with impact-resistant, UV stable PBT to endure impact at the most extreme temperatures.

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Phoenix Contact DC Battery Pole Connectors

DC Battery Pole Connectors

  • Phoenix Contact DC Battery Connectors are device and cable connectors that provide maximum flexibility and safety when joining battery terminals.
  • Color coded for easy polarity identification: Orange (+) positive and Black (-) negative. Connectors have unique interfaces to prevent cross mating.
  • 360° rotation of the connection interface for easy cable dress out direction.
  • IEC rated for 120A and 1,500VDC.

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Phoenix Contact FDX20 Splice Boxes for 19" Rack

FDX20 Splice Boxes for 19" Rack

  • New 19” rack version of Phoenix Contact’s FDX20 fiber patch panel with Fusion-Splicing technology.
  • Adjustable depth up to 35mm to allow for clearance of the front connections.
  • Removable drawer for easy termination.
  • LC, SC, and ST connector styles and various fiber pigtail types provide numerous options for secure fiber optic connection and termination.

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Phoenix Contact PRC Energy Distribution Connectors

PRC Energy Distribution Connectors

  • Phoenix Contact introduces further expansion of the PRC connector line with energy distribution modules and patch cables.
  • Pluggable power distributors reliably supply devices with power in indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Up to 32A per contact.
  • 600V UL rating.

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Phoenix Contact PSRmodular Configurable Safety System

PSRmodular Configurable Safety System

  • The new PSRmodular configurable safety system from Phoenix Contact is a flexible safety solution to monitor your machine or system.
  • Modular extension possible up to 160 I/Os.
  • High-performance basic modules can be used as a stand-alone solution or extend the system’s flexibility with extension modules to include the monitoring of motion and analog value data.
  • Minimize machine downtime with comprehensive, easy-to-understand diagnostics.

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Phoenix Contact PTCB SI-R Compact Single-Channel Electronic Circuit Breakers

PTCB SI-R Compact Single-Channel Electronic Circuit Breakers

  • The PTCB series of electronic circuit breakers from Phoenix Contact is now available with status inverted reset (SI-R).
  • SI-R utilizes a digital status output to indicate when the circuit trips.
  • Separate digital reset input enables a tripped device to reset remotely.
  • Integrated local and remote status indication.

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Phoenix Contact RJ45 Industrial Jacks and Plugs

RJ45 Industrial Jacks and Plugs

  • The new jacks and plugs of the RJ45 Industrial series from Phoenix Contact enable data rates of up to 10 Gbps and are particularly suitable for demanding industrial data-networking applications.
  • Plugs with IDC connection for 22-26 AWG wire.
  • Push-pull versions for IP65/IP67 degrees of protection.
  • 360° shielding – high ESD/EMI resistance.

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Phoenix Contact TERMITRAB Complete TTC 6P-4 Surge Protection Device

TERMITRAB Complete TTC 6P-4 Surge Protection Device

  • A new addition to Phoenix Contact’s TERMITRAB Complete family, the TTC-6P-4 is the world’s narrowest pluggable surge protection solution for 4-wire applications.
  • Offers protection against overvoltage on four conductors in a width of only 6mm. That is only 1.5mm per conductor.
  • Monitor overload status on-site or via remote signaling.
  • Push-in connection technology or screw connection.

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Schneider Electric PM2000 Series Meter

PM2000 Series Meter

  • The PM2000 series meter is Schneider Electric’s next generation energy and power meter that offers all the measurement capabilities required to monitor an electrical installation in a single 96 x 96mm unit.
  • Offers simplicity and reliability for basic energy cost and network management applications in both a LED or LCD display option.
  • Aggregation of energy consumption, including WAGES, and cost allocation per area, per usage, per shift or per time within the same facility. Energy cost and usage analysis per zone, per usage or per time period to optimize energy usage.
  • Power quality analysis of THD and individual harmonics up to 15th and 31st order for Volts and Amps, per phase. Measurement of True PF and Displacement PF.

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SMC Corporation of America CXSJ Series Compact Dual Piston Rods with Lube-Retainers

CXSJ Series Compact Dual Piston Rods with Lube-Retainers

  • The SMC Corporation of America CXSJ Series is a compact dual piston actuator that is lighter and smaller than the conventional CXS unit.
  • Dual lube-retainers improve durability and prevents entry of dust and foreign matter.
  • Slide bearing provides lateral stability protecting from side impacts.
  • Stroke lengths up to 100mm.

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SMC Corporation of America ZP3-X1600 Series Semiconductive Silicone Rubber Vacuum Cup

ZP3-X1600 Series Semiconductive Silicone Rubber Vacuum Cup

  • SMC Corporation of America’s ZP3-X1600 Series is a silicone rubber vacuum pad which discharges static electricity gently and prevents damage to electronic parts.
  • Available pad diameters: ø4, ø6, ø8, ø10, ø13, ø16.
  • Pad form: Flat type with groove.
  • Surface resistance: 106 to 109 [Ω].

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