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Featured Manufacturers
At Steven Engineering we pride ourselves on the fact that we continue to bring you, our customers only the highest quality products in the electronic and electrical marketplace. With that in mind, we are proudly featuring Square D as our featured manufacturer of the quarter.


Square D® is a market-leading global brand of Schneider Electric for NEMA type electrical distribution and industrial control products, systems and services.
Square D products are found in all types of residential, commercial and industrial construction, in a wide range of manufacturing and processing facilities, and in or on the products of other manufacturers. Schneider Electric, headquartered in Paris, France, is a global electrical industry leader with sales of approximately $12.8 billion (U.S.) in 2004.


Modicon Premium PLC's
The greatest strength of the Telemecanique® Modicon Premium PLC is its versatility, which enables an OEM to standardize on a single platform for multiple application types, saving substantial component and development costs.

The Modicon® Premium™ PLC is optimized for machine builders and small process control applications. Multiple levels of processors minimizes components costs, and "plug and play" memory and rack additions allow for instantaneous system expansion. Powerful communication options such as Modbus Plus™, Profibus™ DP and Ethernet make integration easy, and TCP Open™ enables direct connection to dozens of Ethernet devices such as RF Tag and Bar-code readers.

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Customer benefits

  • Improve the design of simple to complex machinery and processes with flexible architecture including multiple CPU levels, plug-and-play rack support and communication protocols plus user-installable memory upgrades.
  • Speedy machine development with integrated functions such as multi-axis interpolated motion control, weigh scale monitoring, integrated Preventa™ safety relays and reflex functionality: fast, independent processing of critical I/O.
  • Maximize uptime with diagnostic and maintenance capabilities such as diagnostic function blocks, Run-Time screens, and field-exchangable memory options.
  • Ease of connectivity with a choice of communication options including Ethernet with user-definable web pages, Modbus® and Modbus Plus™, Interbus-S, Profibus DP, CANOpen, or FIPWAY, FIPI/O and Uni-Telway


Molded Case Circuit Breakers
Widest selection in the industry—from 15A through 6000A. Commonly used in UL 67 individual enclosures and panelboards and UL 891 switchboards, these circuit breakers include the industry's leading technology with a complete array of functions that enhance reliability. Features include:

  • Push-to-trip—allows for easily checking of all functions without the need for expensive test equipment
  • Permanent trip—integral to the MCCB and factory calibrated to industry standards
  • Trip-free mechanism—allows breaker to trip even with the handle locked or held in the ON position
  • Trip indication—operating handle snaps into center position providing easy identification

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Types of Molded Case Circuit Breakers:

  • Thermal-Magnetic Molded Case Circuit Breakers
    Includes unmatched choices of constructions, voltage, and ampere ratings.
  • Current Limiting Molded Case Circuit Breakers
    Can be installed in Square D industrial enclosures, I-Line® panelboards and switchboards, and other approved equipment.
  • PowerPact® Molded Case Circuit Breakers
    Lead the industry with proven, reliable protection and innovative design. They permit smaller footprint and higher density installations, and are available up to 2500A to meet a broad range of commercial and industrial applications.
  • Electronic Trip Molded Case Circuit Breakers
    Combine sensitive measuring capabilities with sophisticated logic allowing circuit protection system customization. Electronic trip systems are based on true rms sensing, ideal for applications that include silicon-controlled rectifiers, adjustable frequency motor controls and load switching.
  • Merlin Gerin Molded Case Circuit Breakers
    The innovative Compact® line from Merlin Gerin has been designed for customization by distributors and OEMs — the same 15A-600A accessories for all frame sizes for reduced inventory costs. No other competitor offers this level of performance on such a small frame.
  • Mag-Gard® Motor Circuit Protectors
    Magnetic-only circuit breakers comply with NEC requirements for providing motor circuit protection when installed as part of a UL Listed combination controller having motor overload protection.
  • PowerLink® Remotely Operated Circuit Breakers
    Remote ON/OFF operation of branch circuit loads from the convenience of a standard panel. Designed for installation in Square D Type NF lighting panelboards, these circuit breakers provide the same overcurrent protection as found in a standard circuit breaker.


Safety Switches
Square D® safety switches offer cost-effective solutions across a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial applications.

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Types of Safety Switches:

  • Light Duty Safety Switches
    Light Duty Safey Switches are ideal for home applications.
  • General Duty Safety Switches
    General Duty Safety Switches are designed for residential and commercial applications where economy is a prime consideration. Typical loads are lighting, air conditioning and appliances.
  • Heavy Duty Safety Switches
    Heavy Duty Safety Switches are designed for commercial and industrial applications where maximum performance and continuity of service is vital.
  • Solar Installation Disconnect Switch
    Heavy Duty Safety Switches (Fused and Not Fused) on Direct Current and Photovoltaic Systems.
  • Double Throw Safety Switches
    Double Throw Safety Switches are designed for manual transfer of loads from one supply to another.


Oriental Motor's electric actuators provide linear and rotational movement.  The New EZ Limo Motorized Cylinders and Sliders provide advanced functions and sophisticated motions control in an easy-to-use, all-in-one linear motion product.

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Types of Self Protected Starters

  • TeSys U-Line Motor Starter-Controllers
    There's never been a motor control system quite like Schneider Electric's new TeSys U-Line. With ingenious simplicity, U-Line brings power, protection and control all together in one incredibly compact, modular device. It's completely flexible and easily up-gradable, with a full range of protection, communication and application modules available that literally plug into the starter base unit to meet your specific needs.
  • TeSys™ U-Line Motor Starter
    The TeSys U-Line motor starter has simplicity designed right in, making selection and installation faster and easier than ever. It features a modular design, with a plug-in solid state overload relay, which is easily upgrade able to a full range of protection and communication accessories for the flexibility to meet a wide variety of motor control applications.
  • Integral Self Protected Starter
    The Telemecanique Integral self-protected starter combines all the functions of a disconnect, short circuit protective device, contactor and overload relay in a coordinated motor controller. A wide variety of easy-to-install auxiliary blocks and interface modules provides powerful control capabilities.

PowerLogic® Power Monitoring & Control
PowerLogic ® systems are the global leader in providing enterprise Energy Reduction & Reliability Solutions. For over a decade, our systems have provided a proven return with savings through reduced utility costs, effective power equipment management, increased power system reliability and downtime avoidance.

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PowerLogic Products:

  • Meters
    The POWERLOGIC® system offers an extremely broad range of power monitoring devices. Given this range of options, there is a product that is the "right fit" for every facility and level of the power distribution system.
  • Communication Devices
    POWERLOGIC® Web-enabled ethernet communication devices provide power management solutions for unattended applications. Giving a simple and affordable start to a complete POWERLOGIC power monitoring and control system. Without software or training, users can view power system information, using a standard web browser.
  • Software
    The POWERLOGIC® System Manager family of products provides a total system approach to power management - whether it be a single site or your whole enterprise. Designed specifically for power monitoring and control systems, the POWERLOGIC application software makes your job easier by collecting circuit information, providing pre-engineered displays, and converting the data into easy to understand information on which you can base your important business decisions.
  • Lighting Control
    POWERLINK™ Lighting Control is a robust, time proven, remotely operated circuit breaker technology that is the industry's preferred lighting and control solution. There are two system levels types designed for both integration into commercial building automation systems and stand-alone systems ideal for retail, office, institutional and industrial facilities.
  • Protective Equipment
    Schneider Electric is a world leader In multifunctional digital protection. Whether you are looking for a simple protection relay or a multifunctional, communicating protection unit for remote network management and operation, you will find the right solution in the PowerLogic® Sepam family of digital protective relays. They are ideally suited for retrofit or new installations in energy distribution, industrial, and large commercial environments -whatever the voltage level.
  • Power Factor
    Applying power factor capacitors used to be straight-forward. Today, with the proliferation of harmonic generating loads, very careful attention must be paid to the proper application of power factor correction and harmonic filtering equipment. Square D provides engineered power quality solutions and a full services offering to give you the correct solution for your specific application.

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