Silencers/Exhaust Cleaners

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Silencer   AN, ANx1, VCHN

Series/CAD Features
  • Noise reduction: 13 dB (A) to 35 dB (A)
    Varies depending on models.)
  • Noise reduction: 38 dB (A) to 40 dB (A) (Varies depending on models.)
  • Noise reduction: 35 dB (A)
    At a supply pressure of 4.0 MPa and a back pressure of 2.0 MPa)
  • Reduces clogging with the double-layer structure.
  • Max. operating pressure: 5.0 MPa

Exhaust Cleaner   AMC

Series/CAD Features
  • Noise reduction: 35 dB (A)
  • Over 99.9% oil mist removal.

Exhaust Cleaner for Vacuum   AMV

Series Features
  • Realizes a comfortable working environment without greasy fumes.
  • Captures and cuts off 99.5% of even low-flow and highly concentrated greasy fumes.
  • Exhaust ducts from a vacuum pump is not necessary.

Exhaust Cleaner for Clean Room   AMP

Series/CAD Maximum flow capacity (L/min (ANR)) Port size
AMP  200 to 1000 1/4,3/8,1/2,3/4
  • An exhaust cleaner that can be used inside a clean room