Value Added Services

Discover Many Value-Added Services Including JIT, Vendor-Managed Inventory, EDI and Fulfillment Systems, Industrial Design Specialists, and Quality Assurance Programs

Steven Engineering offers a broad range of value-added services to resolve even your most demanding challenges. From Vendor-Managed Inventory Fulfillment and EDI services to Workshops and Training, Steven Engineering’s services respond to your company’s needs. We select services that respond directly to the needs of your customers. Services such as Blanket Contracts, JIT inventory systems, MRP and Bin Stocking Programs, and Specialized Packaging are just a few areas in which we can assist you.

Along with a full breadth of value-added services comes our expertise in lowering your total cost of acquisition, the vast knowledge of our Technical Service Representatives, Industrial Design Specialists, and the friendly service our entire staff can provide. Discover the many value-added services we offer or contact us to discuss how we can create a new service designed to your specific needs.

Our Capabilities



Steven Engineering has full-time Application Engineers to assist you with your technical questions and specific applications. They have extensive factory training on a wide offering of products as well as practical industry experience. If they are unable to answer your questions on the spot, they will do the research to find the answers you need.


Steven Engineering will monitor your inventory and provide automatic replenishment, either at our facility or yours. To set up an Auto-Replenishment Program for your company, simply send us your program requirements, including information on your forecast or usage data. We will physically monitor your inventory for the set levels you require. Let Steven Engineering reduce your time and procurement costs by helping you manage your inventory levels.


Steven Engineering will physically monitor the inventory you need on a regular basis. The Bin-Stocking Program ensures the products you need are available when you need them. We will monitor inventory based on the agreed-upon min/max stocking levels.


Let Steven Engineering provide your company with the products you need on the dates you specify. We will set up a Blanket Order to meet your product needs on your release dates. Call a Sales Representative today to set up a Blanket Contract for your company.


Steven Engineering understands your need to have inventory reserved and available at all times. Our facility is fully equipped to enable us to set aside inventory in a separate warehouse location, ensuring that the required quantities of your specific parts are available at all times. This service ensures your company will benefit from guaranteed product availability, reduced carrying costs, and reduced lead time.


Steven Engineering has met the certification standards for many of the industry’s largest manufacturers. Meeting their standards for quality, processes, and procedures enables us to fulfill our customers’ requirements with the highest levels of quality and service. We offer more than 700,000 electrical, electronic, and pneumatic components from more than 60 manufacturers, and we have what it takes to be the primary source for your needs.


Steven Engineering’s ordering system enables your company to place orders using your own part numbers. Your part numbers are cross referenced to a manufacturer’s part number, and both numbers are automatically printed on every packing slip, invoice, and label that we produce and send.


Steven Engineering will work with you to select the best products for your application. Our certified Application Engineers have E.E. and M.E. backgrounds and more than seventy years of combined experience in the industrial-controls industry.


E.D.I. enablesthe electronic exchange of business information to be accurate and efficient. Steven Engineering uses all industry ANSI E.D.I. standards to receive and confirm orders, verify shipment, process invoices, and more. Simply provide us with information through FTP, and we will pick up the order and process it through E.D.I. This service can help reduce your purchasing- and accounts-payable overhead.


Our technical expertise stems from decades of servicing the controls, components, and automation industries, and from keeping abreast of today’s new technologies. Our highly experienced Application Engineers are prepared to assist you with all your application and engineering needs. We help you specify products for new applications/solutions, and provide technical support for those products after you receive them.


Steven Engineering provides procurement and transaction support for both franchised and non-franchised manufacturers. We supply the products you need, when you need them, for your production requirements. Call us today to find out how our Integrated Supply Program can work for your company.


A Just-In-Time (JIT) program will help reduce inefficiencies in your manufacturing process by ensuring the on-time delivery of your production materials. We develop inventory- and order-fulfillment procedures to meet your manufacturing needs. We can meet even the tightest shipping windows with a 100% on-time delivery guarantee. Our JIT Program enables you to lower your inventory requirements and reduce your total procurement costs.


Steven Engineering offers a Kanban control system customized for your production needs. We will provide a Kanban delivery system based on your requirements for identifying, authorizing, and controlling inventory. This service enables scheduled products to be delivered on a daily or hourly basis, or on a stringent schedule defined by your company.


Our Management Resource Planning (M.R.P.) Program uses computerized planning to provide you with inventory when you need it. We will interface with your computer system and manage your inventory forecast on a regular basis. Simply let us know what your inventory and program requirements are, and we will fulfill them.


Please see Workshops and Training


Steven Engineering seeks to be a partner with your company by providing the highest quality goods and services. We strive to be an integral part of your efforts to be an innovative, successful competitor and a quality leader in your market. Join our Partnership Program and enjoy the benefits of creating a mutually beneficial relationship with a leader in the industrial automation market. We will customize our services to meet your business needs. Let us know what your requirements are and we will be happy to fulfill your needs with our current programs or create new ones based on your specifications.


Quality Assurance at every step ensures our customers will receive exceptional performance and defect-free products. Our products and services are designed to conform to your program and product requirements. Steven Engineering has the ability to integrate a customer’s QA metrics into our processes to ensure full compliance. This includes providing assured quality for forecasting accuracy, schedule compliance, order and inventory accuracy, contract manufacturing, and more.


Place your order anytime before 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time), and Steven Engineering will ship your order the same day. We ship by UPS, and delivery to you is usually the very next business day for orders in the San Francisco area.


Please see Blanket Contracts


Steven Engineering realizes that your company may have certain packaging requirements. We will package your products based on your needs, including kitting, specially sized boxing, bar-coding, or even bulk packaging.


We can assist your company’s transition from a current product to a new, technically advanced one. Our Application Engineers will help you with troubleshooting, programming, and implementation of the new product. We provide support services both at our main office and your location.


Refer to Engineering/Technical Support


Please see M.R.P. Programs


Steven Engineering conducts regular hands-on customer training seminars for the full range of our products. Our seminars are held at our facility, your location, or at locations throughout California and Oregon. We are committed to help keep you up to date on the latest technical innovations and product advancements.