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Schneider Electric
Electrical Control and Disttribution Equipment

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Schneider Electric
Brand Names: American Power Conversion, APC, Berger Lahr, Hyde Park, Merlin Gerin, Modicon, Square D, Telemecanique

Electrical Control and Distribution Equipment

Schneider Electric ACE Distributor   Steven Engineering is a member of the exclusive ACE distributor group
Schneider Electric IDP   Steven Engineering is proud to participate in Schneider Electric's Industrial Drives Program

Square D® is a market-leading global brand of Schneider Electric for NEMA type electrical distribution and industrial control products, systems and services. Square D products are found in all types of residential, commercial and industrial construction, in a wide range of manufacturing and processing facilities, and in or on the products of other manufacturers. The following pages consist of a wide variety of technical datasheets for the Square D product line:

  • Schneider Electric Codes and Standards - Schneider Electric has produced a new web site that provides direct access to many application solutions that meet Codes and Standards requirements.
  • Schneider Electric CAD Drawings - Access Schneider Electric's online library of CAD drawings.
  • Schneider Electric Sensor Selection Guide - Find the correct sensor for your application by downloading Schneider Electric's Sensor Selection Guide.
  • Schneider Electric Disconnect Switch Configurator - This online tool allows you to configure the correct disconnect switch for your specific application.
  • Square D Digest Plus Selector- Access Square D's Competitive Cross Reference guide to find an equivalent SQD part number for a competitive part number.
  • Square D Product FAQ Tool - This repository of product knowledge currently contains thousands of questions and answers that have been developed by Square D's Customer Information Center and provides a powerful search feature to let you easily find the required information.
  • Customer Care by Schneider Electric App - Designed for iOS and Android devices, this app gives you instant access to pricing and availability, FAQs and technical documentation, and expert assistance via "one-touch" or e-mail. iOS | Android
Schneider Electric MachineStruxure
Schneider Electric Technical Datasheet
Table of Contents
Digest 177
Download Page
AC Drives and Soft Starts
Building Management
Cable Ends and Ferrules
Cable Trays and Accessories
Circuit Breakers
Crane Control
Electromechanical and Level Control
Hoisting Control Solutions
Hospital Power Systems
Integrated Power Center
I/O Interface Modules
Lighting Control Systems

Motion Control

Motor Control
Motor Control - IEC
Motor Control - NEMA
Panelboards, Load Centers and Switchboards
PLC and HMI Automation Products
Power Factor Capacitors
Power Monitoring and Control Systems
Power Outlet Panels
Power Supplies
Pressure Switches
Pumping Plant Solutions
Pushbuttons, Switches and Stacklights
Relays and Timers
Repair Catalog
Safety Products
Sensors and Limit Switches
Solar / Alternative Energy Products
Surge Suppressors
Terminal and Distribution Blocks
Wiring Systems
File Size


Drives and Soft Starts Selection Guide (for Internet Explorer only)  
TeSys IEC Contactor Selection Guide  
Definite Purpose Contactors Selector Worksheet 364 KB
Limit Switches Selector Worksheet 1,964 KB
NEMA Combination Starters Selector Worksheet 9,915 KB
NEMA Lighting Contactors Selector Worksheet 364 KB
22mm Pushbuttons Selector Worksheet 544 KB
Relays and Timers Selector Worksheet 5,303 KB
Tower Lights Selector Worksheet 440 KB


ALTISTART® 01 Soft Start 1,727 KB
ALTISTART® 22 Soft Start - Soft Stop Units 2,491 KB
ALTISTART® 45 Soft Start (Obsolete) 283 KB
ALTISTART® 46 Soft Start 1,240 KB
ALTISTART® 48 Soft Start - Soft Stop Units 3,430 KB
ALTISTART® 48 Soft Start - Package Drives 1,020 KB
ALTISTART® 48 Soft Start - Panel Mount 3,431 KB
ALTISTART® 48 Soft Start - Y Product Range 818 KB
ALTISTART® 48 Installation Manual 1,823 KB
ALTIVAR® 11 User's Guide 519 KB
ALTIVAR® 12 Variable Speed Drives 3,593 KB
ALTIVAR® 16 Drive (Obsolete) 255 KB
ALTIVAR® 18 Drive (Obsolete) 856 KB
ALTIVAR® 21 HVAC AC Drive 897 KB
ALTIVAR® 212 Variable Speed Drives 16,702 KB
ALTIVAR® 28 AC Drive 1,437 KB
ALTIVAR® 31 Adjustable Speed AC Drives 923 KB
ALTIVAR® 312 Variable Speed AC Drives 5,596 KB
ALTIVAR® 32 Variable Speed Drives 4,274 KB
ALTIVAR® 56 Specification Sheet 25 KB
ALTIVAR® 58 AC Drive 3,594 KB
ALTIVAR® 58 TRX AC Drives 5,188 KB
ALTIVAR® 61 Drive Short Form Catalog 1,260 KB
ALTIVAR® 61 and 61 Plus Variable Speed Drives 8,350 KB
ALTIVAR® 66 Enclosed Drives (obsolete) 3,212 KB
ALTIVAR® 71 and 71 Plus Variable Speed Drives 10,385 KB
ALTIVAR® 71 Manuals 7,572 KB
ALTIVAR® 78 Drives 1,680 KB
Drives Overview 1,065 KB
Drives and Soft Starts 2007/2008 Catalog 16,880 KB
LH4 Modular Soft Start 153 KB
Reduced Voltage Starters Type S 240 KB
S-Flex Enclosed Drive 380 KB
VSD07 Submicro Drive (Obsolete) 86 KB


The Essential Guide of Automation & Control
(HMI, Sensors, Motor Control, AS-I, Safety, Cabling, etc.)
32,027 KB

The Essential Guide for Industrial Automation
(PACs, PLCs, Distributed I/O, Software)

3,133 KB
MachineStruxure Automation System 3,100 KB
MachineStruxure General Machine Control 55,289 KB
MachineStruxure PacDrive 3 Automation Solution 11,116 KB
Modicon M340 Automation Platform 14,482 KB
Modicon M580 Automation Platform 9,584 KB
Modicon Momentum Automation Platform 5,484 KB
Modicon Quantum Ethernet I/O Automation Platform 6,690 KB
PlantStruxure Unity and OPC Software 7,722 KB
TeleAutomation Catalog 2,052 KB


SmartStruxure Integrated Building Management System
2,338 KB
SmartStruxure Lite and Wireless Devices
9,774 KB


Cable Ends and Ferrules
174 KB


Busway Systems 9,677 KB
Cable Tray 620 KB
Hubs 146 KB
Poke Thru Service Fittings 277 KB
Service Fittings 2,634 KB
Square-Duct Wireway 3,067 KB
SUBWAY Infloor Duct System 1,634 KB
Trench Duct 982 KB
Wall Duct 1,376 KB
Wireway 2,858 KB


Circuit Breakers for OEM Applications 1,180 KB
COMPACT® NSE MC Circuit Breaker 896 KB
COMPACT® NSF and NSJ Circuit Breaker 1,660 KB
Electronic Trip Insulated Case Circuit Breaker 365 KB
Electronic Trip Molded Case Circuit Breaker 5,408 KB
Enclosures for Circuit Breakers 110 KB
GJL 100A Molded Case Circuit Breaker 4,057 KB
Low/Medium Voltage Direct Replacement and Retrofill Circuit Breakers 3,879 KB
MASTERPACT® NW DC Circuit Breakers 5,881 KB
MASTERPACT® NW Low-Voltage Circuit Breakers 7,470 KB
MASTERPACT® NW and NT Universal Power Circuit Breakers 21,273 KB
MG Series Circuit Breaker 4,127 KB
Molded Case Circuit Breakers 166 KB
MULTI 9™ 60N-120N Catalog 964 KB
MULTI 9™ System Catalog 2,279 KB
MULTI 9™ Ground Fault Module 341 KB
NSJ and NSF Circuit Breakers 6,968 KB
PowerPact D-Frame Circuit Breakers and Switches 2,026 KB
PowerPact H, J and L-Frame Circuit Breakers 21,632 KB
PowerPact M, P and R-Frame and NS630-3200 Circuit Breakers 8,686 KB
PowerPact Q-Frame Circuit Breakers 6,416 KB
PowerPact T and U-Frame DC Photovoltaic Circuit Breakers 5,139 KB
QO and Q2 Enclosed Circuit Breaker 141 KB
QO and QOB Mini Circuit Breakers 4,470 KB
QO Circuit Breaker 740 KB
QOU Mini Circuit Breaker 1,220 KB
Residential Product Catalog 1,612 KB
TeSys DF Fuseholder 583 KB
Thermal Magnetic and Magnetic only Molded Case Circuit Breaker 5,780 KB

CRANE CONTROL (Obsolete-For Reference Only)

Crane Control 2,060 KB


Electromechanical and Level Control 1,638 KB


Universal Enclosures 39,938 KB


Fans - AC and DC Axial 1,282 KB


MachineStruxure Hoisting Control Solutions 39,707 KB


Medical Isolated Power Panels 6,103 KB
Surgical Facility Panels 939 KB
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Product Updates

1/25/2012 4:25 PM

Schneider Electric OsiSense XXV18 Ultrasonic Sensors
Schneider Electric OsiSense XXV18 Ultrasonic Sensors

9/21/2011 3:56 PM

Schneider Electric iPad Apps
Schneider Electric iPad Apps

8/18/2011 11:37 AM

Schneider Electric OsiSense XUK8 Photoelectric Sensor
Schneider Electric XUK8 Photoelectric Sensor

8/18/2011 11:36 AM

Schneider Electric OsiSense XUE-AA Photoelectric Laser Sensor
Schneider Electric XUE-AA Photoelectric Laser Sensor

6/16//2011 1:50 PM

Schneider Electric XUKS Stainless Steel Photoelectric Sensors
Schneider Electric XUKS Photoelectric Sensors

6/7/2011 2:00 PM

Schneider Electric Harmony XB5R Wireless/Batteryless Push Button
Schneider Electric Harmony XB5R Wireless/Batteryless Push Button

6/7/2011 1:59 PM

Schneider Electric MD Enclosed Motor Disconnect Switch
Schneider Electric MD Enclosed Motor Disconnect Switch

6/7/2011 1:57 PM

Schneider Electric Altivar 212 Variable Speed Drive
Schneider Electric Altivar 212 Variable Speed Drive

6/2/2011 11:25 AM

Schneider Electric Enclosed Altistart 22 Soft Start/Soft Stop Motor Controller
Schneider Electric Enclosed Altistart 22 Soft Start/Soft Stop Motor Controller
Literature Updates
Electrical South Repair Services Catalog
Electrical South Repair Services Catalog
Schneider Electric Zelio RSL Relays
Schneider Electric Zelio RSL Relays
Sensors, Limit Switches and Machine Cabling
Schneider Electric Sensors, Limit Switches and Machine Cabling
Schneider Electric Modicon M340 Automation Platform
Schneider Electric Modicon M340 Automation Platform
Schneider Electric Lexium 32 Servo Drives
Schneider Electric Lexium 32 Servo Drives
YouTube Videos
Schneider Electric Harmony Wireless Pushbutton System
Schneider Electric Zelio RXG Plug-In Interface Relay
Schneider Electric Sensor Competency Center
Square D Telemecanique Osiconcept Sensor Limit Switch

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