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Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric Technical Datasheet
Table of Contents
Digest 177
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AC Drives and Soft Starts
Building Management
Cable Ends and Ferrules
Cable Trays and Accessories
Circuit Breakers
Crane Control
Electromechanical and Level Control
Hoisting Control Solutions
Hospital Power Systems
Integrated Power Center
I/O Interface Modules
Lighting Control Systems

Motion Control

Motor Control
Motor Control - IEC
Motor Control - NEMA
Panelboards, Load Centers and Switchboards
PLC and HMI Automation Products
Power Factor Capacitors
Power Monitoring and Control Systems
Power Outlet Panels
Power Supplies
Pressure Switches
Pumping Plant Solutions
Pushbuttons, Switches and Stacklights
Relays and Timers
Repair Catalog
Safety Products
Sensors and Limit Switches
Solar / Alternative Energy Products
Surge Suppressors
Terminal and Distribution Blocks
Wiring Systems
File Size


Integrated Power Center 2 (IPC2) 1,920 KB


I/O Interface Modules 496 KB
TM7 IP67 Modular I/O System 3,105 KB
Zelio Alanog Interface Modules 525 KB


Lighting Control 6,785 KB
PowerLINKAS Lighting Control System 2,670 KB


Berger Lahr & Lexium Motion Control Catalog 47,500 KB
General Motion Control 4,159 KB
Lexium 23 Plus Motion Control 1,449 KB
Lexium 28 Motion Control 12,044 KB
Lexium 32 Servo Drives 8,178 KB
Lexium 32i Integrated Drives 1,552 KB
Lexium ILx1 and ILx2 Integrated Drives 7.094 KB
Lexium Motion Control Torque/Speed Curves 5,999 KB
Modicon LMC058 Motion Controller 1,034 KB
Modicon LMC078 Motion Controller 3,696 KB
Motion Control Catalog 14,339 KB
OsiSense XCC Rotary Encoders 5,789 KB
SoMachine Configuration Software 2,295 KB


Model 6 Motor Control Center 4,334 KB
Motorpact Medium Voltage Motor Controllers 909 KB
Motorpact Medium Voltage Motor Class 1 Controllers 2,497 KB
Motorpact Soft Starters 1,671 KB
Motorpact Vacuum Contactors 200/400/450 A 1,028 KB
SoMove Motor Control Setup Software 1,275 KB
Vario Manual Motor Control Switches and Disconnects 9,573 KB


TeSys IEC Contactor Selection Guide  
AS-i Metal Enclosed Direct-On-Line Starters 424 KB
Complete IEC Motor Control Catalog 33,600 KB
INTEGRAL™ Combination Motor Controllers 1,485 KB
Manual Starters GV2, GV3, GV7 10,140 KB
Overload Relays and Thermal Unit Selection 973 KB
TeSys™ IEC Style Contactors and Starters 13,378 KB
TeSys™ T Management System 3,132 KB
TeSys™ U-Line Motor Starters 3,750 KB


Combination Starters 840 KB
Definite Purpose Control 3,028 KB
Lighting Contactors 316 KB
Manual Starters and Switches 504 KB
NEMA Contactors and Starters Type S 2,134 KB
NEMA Starters Power Applications 4,166 KB
Replacement Parts and Form Modification for NEMA Control Products 782 KB
Rowan Definite Purpose Contactors and Starters 435 KB


27KV MASTERCLAD Switchgear with VR Vacuum Breakers 608 KB
EZ Meter-Pak Meter Centers 6,177 KB
HOMELINE Load Centers 485 KB
HVL-CC Medium Voltage Metal-Enclosed Switchgear 1,299 KB
I-Line Panelboards Service Bulletin 753 KB
I-Line Circuit Breaker Panelboards 2,538 KB
I-Line Combo Distribution Panelboards 2,048 KB
Integrated Power Center 383 KB
Load Interrupter Switchgear 1,838 KB
Metal Enclosed Load Interrupts Switchgear 618 KB
Modular Panelboard Systems 440 KB
Motor Control Centers Model 6 4,678 KB
MP Meter-Pak Meter Centers 1,509 KB
NEHB Panelboards 422 KB
NF Circuit Breaker Panelboards 1,215 KB
NQ Circuit Breaker Panelboards 1,238 KB
NQOD Circuit Breaker Panelboards 2,975 KB
POWER-STYLE Switchboards 547 KB
POWER-STYLE Multi-Metering Lever Bypass 1,228 KB
POWER-STYLE Multi-Metering for EUSERC Applications 1,066 KB
POWER-STYLE QED Switchboards 3,260 KB
POWER-STYLE QED-2 and Speed-D Switchboards 4,686 KB
POWER-STYLE QED6 Switchboard 1,947 KB
POWER-STYLE QES Switchboard 1,795 KB
POWER-STYLE QES3 Switchboard 2,224 KB
POWER-ZONE Drawout Switchgear 318 KB
POWER-ZONE® 4 Drawout Switchgear with MASTERPACT 9,669 KB
POWER-ZONE Load Center Unit Substations 769 KB
POWER-ZONE Mini Load Center Unit Substations 1.317 KB
QMB Fusible Panelboards 2,470 KB
QMB Motor Starter Centers 222 KB
QO Circuit Breakers Load Centers 525 KB
QO and Homeline Circuit Breakers Load Centers 4,099 KB
Replacement Parts for Homeline Load Centers Circuit Breakers 825 KB
Replacement Parts for QO Load Centers 1,148 KB
RL Load Break Switch/Sectionalizer w/ ADVC Controller 2,977 KB


Advantys STB Distributed Inputs/Outputs IP20 1,938 KB
Automation and Control Catalog 9,279 KB
ASi Bus 3,586 KB
Compact PLC 988 KB
Ethernet and Web Technologies Catalog 2,931 KB
HMI Configuration Software 3,353 KB
HVAC & R Machine Control Solutions 6,051 KB
IP67 I/O Splitter Box 3,350 KB
M340 PLC Automation Platform 14,786 KB
Magelis BOX PC and Panel PC 9,248 KB
Magelis GTO Advanced Optimum Panels 7,669 KB
Magelis Human Machine Interfaces 7,177 KB
Magelis SCU Small HMI Controllers 2,679 KB
Magelis XBTGC HMI Controllers and XBTGT/XBTGK Advanced Panels 6,393 KB
Modicon STB IP20 Distributed I/O 7.029 KB
Modicon TM5 Expansion Modules 8.344 KB
Modicon X80 I/O Platform 13,041 KB
Momentum Smart I/O 1,201 KB
Premium PLC 14,305 KB
Quantum PLC 22,781 KB
Seriplex Wiring System 4,930 KB
TSX Micro and PL7 Software Automation Catalog 8,640 KB
TSX Micro PLC 1,380 KB
TSX Nano PLC 4,797 KB
Twido™ Programmable Controllers 10,165 KB
Zelio Logic™ 2 Smart Relays 1,550 KB
Zelio Logic™ Smart Relays (OLD) 705 KB
Zelio Logic™ Smart Relay User Guide (OLD) 2,522 KB


REACTIVAR™ Power Factor Capacitors AV4000, AV5000 247 KB
REACTIVAR™ Power Factor Capacitors Fixed Fused and Unfused 104 KB
REACTIVAR™ Power Factor Capacitors 454 KB
VarSet Low-Voltage Capacitor Banks 4,046 KB


PowerLogic Factory Assembled Equipment 4,245 KB
PowerLogic Power Monitoring and Control Systems 1,854 KB
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