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Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric Technical Datasheet
Table of Contents
Digest 177
Download Page
AC Drives and Soft Starts
Building Management
Cable Ends and Ferrules
Cable Trays and Accessories
Circuit Breakers
Crane Control
Electromechanical and Level Control
Hoisting Control Solutions
Hospital Power Systems
Integrated Power Center
I/O Interface Modules
Lighting Control Systems

Motion Control

Motor Control
Motor Control - IEC
Motor Control - NEMA
Panelboards, Load Centers and Switchboards
PLC and HMI Automation Products
Power Factor Capacitors
Power Monitoring and Control Systems
Power Outlet Panels
Power Supplies
Pressure Switches
Pumping Plant Solutions
Pushbuttons, Switches and Stacklights
Relays and Timers
Repair Catalog
Safety Products
Sensors and Limit Switches
Solar / Alternative Energy Products
Surge Suppressors
Terminal and Distribution Blocks
Wiring Systems
File Size


ServicePAK Power Outlet Panels 341 KB


PHASEO™ ABL1, ABL7, and ABL8 Power Supplies 5,267 KB
Sorgel Mini Power Zone™ Power Supply 167 KB


Commerial Pressure Switches - 9013 Type F & G 2,960 KB
Industrial Pressure and Vacuum Switches 7,682 KB
Nautilus Electronic Pressure Switches 11,669 KB


MachineStruxure Pumping Machine Control Solutions 20,199 KB
WELL-GUARD Pumping Plant Panel 1.391 KB


AS-I Interface for XVB Stacklights 443 KB
Harmony 9001K/SK/KX 30mm Pushbuttons 10,445 KB
Harmony Control Stations and Enclosures 2,212 KB
Harmony Double and Triple-Headed Pushbuttons 2,962 KB
Harmony eXLhoist Wireless Remote Control System 5,981 KB
Harmony XB4, XB5, XB7 22mm Pushbuttons 23,405 KB
Harmony XB4 and XB5 22mm Pushbuttons for Harsh Environments 1,100 KB
Harmony XB4R and XB5R Wireless, Batteryless Pushbuttons 3,350 KB
Harmony XB5S Biometric Switches 1,158 KB
Harmony XB6 and ZB6 16mm Pushbuttons 4,217 KB
Harmony XB7 22mm Pushbuttons 2,881 KB
Harmony XVU 60mm Modular Tower Lights 1,623 KB
K10 Power Cam Switches 449 KB
K32 Mini Cam Switches 424 KB
Old Push Button and HMI Guide 4,562 KB
Pendant Stations 2,357 KB
Pushbutton and Operator Interface Specifier Guide 15,980 KB
Rotary Cam Switches - Type 9003K 2,783 KB
Tower Lights and Beacons 11,444 KB
ZA2 and ZB2 Operators Obsolete Cross Reference 119 KB
XVB 50MM Stacklights 415 KB
XVB, XVR, XVS 70MM Stacklights and Indicators 625 KB
XVC, XVR, XVS Stacklights, Beacons, and Sirens 2,072 KB
XVE 70mm Stacklights and Indicators 653 KB
XVP Indicating Lights 1,072 KB


Alternating Relays 64 KB
Electronic Timing Relays 9050JCK 1,228 KB
Electronic Timing Relays RE4 88 KB
General Purpose Relays 8501K 1,601 KB
General Purpose Relays 8501R Miniature Control 1,173 KB
General Purpose Relays 8501R Plug-In 1,259 KB
General Purpose Relays Type K, R, N and C 2,720 KB
General Purpose Timers Type JCK 2,297 KB
IEC Control Relays 973 KB
Industrial Control Relays Type X 356 KB
Intrinsically Safe Barrier Relays 154 KB
LT3 Protection Relays 88 KB
Phase Failure Relays 125 KB
Pneumatic Timers 246 KB
RM3 Specialty Relays 593 KB
Solid State Timers 130 KB
Speed Control Relays SX2 82 KB
Vigirex™ Ground Fault Relays 1,191 KB
Zelio-Control™ RM4 - RM84 Measurement Relays 1,460 KB
Zelio-Control™ RM17 - RM35 Measurement Relays 3,636 KB
Zelio-Count Counter RC87610 388 KB
Zelio™ Electromechanical and Solid-State Relays 6,238 KB
Zelio™ RE Timers 2,176 KB
Zelio™ RE Timers - RE7, RE8, & RE9 238 KB
Zelio™ REG Temperature Controllers 4,375 KB
Zelio™ RPF Power Range Plug-In Relays 402 KB
Zelio™ RPM Power Range Plug-In Relays 2,419 KB
Zelio™ RSL Slim Interface Plug-In Relays 2,108 KB
Zelio™ RUM Universal Plug-In Relays 2,460 KB
Zelio™ Spring Clamp Socket 1,397 KB

REPAIR CATALOG (Electrical South)

Electrical South 2010 Equipment Repair Catalog 5,422 KB
Electrical South Repair Quote Form (.doc file) 144 KB


Air Conditioning Disconnects Molded Case Switch 2,347 KB
Enclosed Safety Switches 5,254 KB
GS1 Fusible and LK3 Non-Fusible Disconnect Switches 971 KB
Mini-VARIO and VARIO Manual Control Switches 956 KB
Operating and Door Closing Mechanisms and Disconnect Switches 1,341 KB
PREVENTA™ Machine Safety Products 31,243 KB
PREVENTA™ Safety Modules for Light Curtains 624 KB
PREVENTA™ Safety PLCs 3,340 KB
PREVENTA™ XPS Safety Relays Supplement 4,047 KB
PREVENTA™ XPSAV, XPSATE, XPSVNE Safety Relays Supplement 1,504 KB
PREVENTA™ XPSMC Safety Controller 1,000 KB
PREVENTA™ XCSDM Interlock Switches 3,201 KB
PREVENTA™ XCSM Limit Switches 251 KB
PREVENTA™ XUSL Light Curtains 2,971 KB
Safety Light Curtains Type XUSLT 14mm and 30mm 1,070 KB
Safety Module XPS-AK 160 KB
XCS Safety Interlocks 625 KB


Full Catalog 160,451 KB
Limit Switches - Basic (XCMN, XCKN, XCNT) 12,229 KB
Limit Switches - Class 9007 12,735 KB
Limit Switches - Safety 14,846 KB
Limit Switches - Special for Hoisting Applications (XCR, XCKMR, XCKVR) 3,134 KB
Machine Cabling 4,048 KB
Machine Safety 5,851 KB
Optical Forks and Frames 6,456 KB
Photoelectric Sensors 28,440 KB
OsiSense XG Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID) 3,367 KB
OsiSense XML Electronic Pressure Sensors 8,665 KB
OsiSense XMLK Pressure Sensors for Pump Applications 1,847 KB
OsiSense XS Inductive Proximity Sensors - Cubic Range 6,900 KB
OsiSense XUM Miniature Photoelectric Sensors 4,960 KB
OsiSense XZ Cabling Accessories 3,578 KB
Pressure Switches 22,456 KB
Proximity Sensors - Capacitive 1,759 KB
Proximity Sensors - Inductive 9,724 KB
Rotary Encoders 3,148 KB
Sensors - Quick Look Reference Guide 22,390 KB
Ultrasonic Sensors 4,936 KB


EVLink Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions 1,876 KB
Solar Catalog 27,476 KB


Multi 9 SPD Series 364 KB
Sepam Series 20 40 80 Network Protection 8,270 KB
SurgeLogic Surge Protective Device (I-Line Plug-On Unit) 2,160 KB
SurgeLogic Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (XGA, XT,XF,XP) 376 KB
SurgeLogic Surge Protective Devices (EMA, EBA) 2,830 KB
SurgeLogic Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (LC, XR, XW) 872 KB
Surge Protection Devices 1,050 KB
Vigirex Low Voltage Residual Current Protection Relays 8,222 KB


IEC Sectional Terminal Blocks Type AB1 30,832 KB
Linergy TR Terminal Blocks 6,957 KB
Terminal Blocks Fuseholders and Power Distribution Blocks 3,972 KB
Terminal Blocks IEC Type 389 KB
Terminal Blocks NEMA Type 473 KB


3 Phase Liquid Filled Compartmental Pad Mounted Transformers 1,482 KB
3 Phase Liquid Filled Submersible Transformers 178 KB
3 Phase Liquid Filled Substation Transformers 1,379 KB
Buck and Boost Transformers 553 KB
Energy Efficient Transformers 1,894 KB
Industrial Control Transformers 890 KB
Instrument Transformers 1,205 KB
Low Voltage Transformers 1,000 KB
Medium Voltage Transformers 266 KB
Power Cast 2 Uni Cast 2 Transformers 764 KB
Power Cast 3 Phase Unit Substation Transformers 600 KB
Power Dry 2 Transformers 851 KB
Premium 30 Energy Efficient Low Voltage Transformers 1,684 KB
Product Bulletin Drive Isolation Transformers 365 KB
Sorgel Application Tables and Wiring Diagrams 130 KB
Sorgel Transformers 600V and Below 889 KB
Sorgel Transformers 467 KB
Sorgel Watchdog Transformers 376 KB
Transformer Disconnects 1,727 KB


Telefast 2 Prewiring System 9,658 KB
Multi-Link Structured Wiring Systems 5,618 KB
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