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Power Solutions for Residential Applications

Leviton Power Solutions provide the power infrastructure you need to protect your critical home devices against power surges and outages.  Leviton provides an overview of the different types of products available for your home in this brochure.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Leviton’s Uniterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) deliver unsurpassed power quality for a variety of applications and budgets, ensuring your hi-tech equipment and systems will withstand momentary power interruptions, voltage sags, and other power quality problems.

Surge Protection Strips and Wall Plug-Ins
Leviton’s Surge Protection Strips and Plug-ins provide reliable support for offices, hospitals, industrial facilities and residences.  A small investment in these devices can prevent serious losses caused by over-voltage disturbances.

Surge Protection Panels
In both the home and the workplace, we are increasingly reliant on microprocessor-based electronic equipment.  Surges can damage, degrade, or destroy critical processing components in your business and home electronics.  Leviton’s surge protection panels are your first line of defense against common and costly disturbances and interruptions.

Surge Protection Receptacles
Leviton Surge Receptacles provide UL 1449 compliant, at-the-wall protection for demanding commercial, industrial, hospital, and residential installations.  The low cost of these receptacles, combined with their ease of installation, means they can be placed anywhere you have a normal electrical outlet.

Power Solutions for Enterprise Applications
In today’s 24/7/365 enterprise environment, Leviton Power Solutions provide the power infrastructure you need for critical business applications.  This brochure contains a diagram showing examples of Leviton Power Solution products that can be installed in a variety of enterprise settings.  Leviton offers a variety of product options to meet your specific power needs.