Turck PC and Integrated Push Button-Programmable Interface Modules

To simplify device setup and installation time, TURCK’s interface module (IM) family may now be programmed via a PC or integrated push buttons using FDT/DTM software, along with PACTware. This software allows multiple parameters to be set and saved in a matter of seconds. The ease of use and structure of this system allows asset management ability with trending and data logging of values.

TURCK’s IM models may be used to monitor the speed of motors, shafts and conveyors, the temperature of RTD’s and thermocouples, and to control or monitor analog signals for linear movement, temperature, pressure, level control or any other device using 4 to 20 mA signals. Intrinsically safe models to control devices in hazardous areas are also available.

All models are equipped with a two-line transfl ective LCD display, making it easy to read even in very bright light. The modules also incorporate a universal supply voltage and removable terminals, making them easy to install in new or existing systems.