Pepperl+Fuchs SU18 and SU19 Plastic Fiber Optic Amplifiers

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces SU18 and SU19 Plastic Photoelectric Fiber Optic Amplifiers. These fiber optic amplifiers feature multiple detection modes, selectable timing functions, remote teach and Pepperl+Fuchs’ patented 4-in-1™ output. 4-in-1 output reduces costs and stock requirements by delivering NPN light on, NPN dark on, PNP light on, or PNP dark on, output options from a single sensor. They also feature a locking lever to secure the fiber optic cable to the sensor, along with a unique press-and-click feature that facilitates DIN rail mounting and removal without the need for any tools.

The SU18 series is available in pushbutton teach or potentiometer adjustable models. Pushbutton models feature multiple teach modes, while potentiometer models feature weak signal output with built-in diagnostic functions. Both SU18 models feature cross-talk protection when used in high resolution mode, with a large LED for sensor status display.

“The SU19 can be gang-mounted with up to 18 amplifiers, which can reduce wiring by up to 70% because expansion units have only one wire to connect. Unlike most competitive models where the bridge connector for gang-mounting is on the side of the sensor, the SU19’s bridge connector is on the back of the sensor. This makes replacing middle amplifiers easy since adjacent amplifiers don’t have to be removed as they do with side bridge connectors,” says Jeff Allison, Product Manager.

The high performance SU19 series also has a built-in illuminated 4-digit percentage-of-light-received display that is easier to interpret, and just as accurate, as conventional dual 4-digit display models. The SU19 has a glass detection mode that allows reliable detection of glass or transparent objects when used with thru-beam fiber optics.

The thin profile and features-set of both the SU18 and SU19 makes them an ideal sensing solution in space-restricted semiconductor and packaging applications such as IC detection, PCB/wafer detection, bottle counting and bottle cap detection, presence or absence of tablets in blister packs, registration mark detection on packaging film, counting IC pins, and gear teeth counting.