Schneider Electric Data Bulletin: Safety Switches for DC and Photovoltaic Systems

All of the Square D heavy duty safety switches are UL listed for 600 Vdc applications including Photovoltaic (Files E2875 and E154282). Page one of the new data bulletin focuses on Square D UL approved heavy duty safety switch dc and PV wiring schemes. The wiring schemes are clearly explained and displayed for your customer’s education and use. When wired as shown, all of the Square D heavy duty products are UL listed for dc and PV applications.
However, the PV market’s dynamic and fast rate of application evolution has out paced certification agency’s ability to develop and release testing standards specific to PV applications. In conjunction with leading PV industry experts, we have developed a stringent and market responsive testing program to address special PV wiring applications. These special wiring classes are listed on page 2 of our data bulletin and are self certified by Square D and UL witnessed. This additional unlisted option provides a robust cost effective option for PV systems not needing UL listed products.