Schneider Electric Magelis STO and STU HMIs

The new Magelis STO and Magelis STU HMIs are the first small panel HMIs on the market to address the needs of application builders who are price sensitive, but still desire some advanced functionality atypical for a small panel HMI such as data logging, USB port application download and remote Web access.
“When machine builders are looking for basic HMIs, it’s easy for them to become fixated on the lowest price,” said Jacob Kimball, HMI product manager, Schneider Electric. “However, this can end up costing users in the long run if they don’t consider the total cost of working with a low-cost HMI vendor, the product’s scalability for future needs and the lost opportunity cost of value-added features, for example integrated automation control protocols & ports, ease of use for the configuration software, remote access & E-mail, technical support, data storage & management and reliability.”
The Magelis STO HMI is one of the smallest touch screen operator panel on the market. With a 3.4” widescreen, it offers a resolution of 200 x 80 pixels and two versions of a monochrome screen. The screens are either green/orange/red backlight or white/pink/red backlight, which are designed to be visible to the operator at a distance. Superb graphics gives the operator an attractive and improved visualization of the application. The STO HMI also features serial, mini-USB and USB type A ports. Thanks to its low-consumption idle mode, the STO will contribute to the energy efficiency of your application.
The Magelis STU has the capability to send email and offers access via the Internet with embedded Web pages. The STU offers serial port and Ethernet connectivity and a 3.5” full-color graphical touch screen terminal with QVGA and TFT 65,536 colors. In addition, the STU offers patented 22mm pushbutton hole mounting, greatly reducing installation time. There simply is no other HMI product like it.