Baldor Mint Lite Programmable Motion Drives

Mint Lite offers all the multitasking language power of Baldor’s Mint motion controllers in single axis form and is now offered as standard on all e100 drives, free of charge or license fees.

Mint Lite transforms the Ethernet ready MicroFlex and MotiFlex e100 drives, into powerful intelligent drive systems assuming complete control of the drive on-board I/O, communications, and Ethernet networking features, offering the potential for significant cost savings in indexing drive applications or advanced distributed intelligence in real-time Ethernet solutions.


  • Mint Lite is completely free, including Mint Workbench, Mint ActiveX components
  • No runtime license fees
  • Motion features including homing, incremental and absolute moves and target position change on the fly for product, label or print registration
  • High-level BASIC programming language
  • Multi-tasking allows for a more deterministic, responsive operation and structured programming
  • EVENTs provide programmable response to critical functions such as input state changes, communications, position registration and error handling
  • User defined Subroutines, Functions and variable names
  • Ethernet connectivity for a networked solution
  • Low cost distributed I/O expansion via CANopen
  • 2 high speed latch inputs capable of capturing position in 1μs
  • Choice of 105-230Vac and 180-528Vac units with common software and configuration
  • Simplified commissioning and serial manufacture through the use of digital drives and single point of access via Ethernet
  • Compact solution, requiring less panel space and wiring
  • CANopen manager for system expansion
  • Non-volatile RAM for user data storage and Flash program storage
  • Compact solution, requiring less panel space and wiring
  • Elimination of external controller or PLC saving cost and reducing complexity
  • Real-time Ethernet technology
  • CAN interface be used to provide peer-to-peer communications with other Mint based controllers