IDEC HS5D Interlock Safety Switches

HS5D safety switches are the first in their class to allow you to see if the head is separated or improperly mounted on the body. Some interlock switches on the market have configurable heads, but none except the HS5D have a contact that will allow easy identification of incorrect head installation, providing an extra safety measure.

The smallest in its class at just 30 x 30 x 91 (mm), IDEC now offers a compact interlock safety switch available with up to three contacts. HS5D Interlock switches provide a high-quality, spacesaving product at a competitive price.

HS5D Switches are available with metal or plastic heads. The metal head can prevent damage and can also be rotated eight different ways based on actuator entry, providing mounting flexibility for each unique situation.

IDEC HS5D Interlock Safety Switches

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