Schneider Electric OsiSense XMLK Pressure Sensors

Looking for a low cost pressure sensing solution but not willing to give up precision or dependability? Schneider Electric has the answer – the new OsiSense XML-K pressure transmitter is an economical and reliable alternative for your demanding pressure sensing applications.

The OsiSense XML-K pressure transmitter offers the perfect balance between price and performance. Its pressure-sensing helping pump is flexible and can lead to an increase in manufacturer profits.

Complete with a compact design, the easy-to-install range of OsiSense XMLK pressure sensors encompasses the proven ceramic cell technology which ensures quality. The product is comprised of eight sizes, four in psi and four in bar, providing quick and simple selection of the appropriate product. When used in conjunction with AltivarĀ® variable speed drives, the sensor enables constant regulation of pressure in a network, regardless of flow rate. This combination helps ensure optimal motor efficiency, which in turn, helps minimize energy consumption.

Schneider Electric OsiSense XMLK Pressure Sensors

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