SMC Pneumatics NCM Adjustable Air Cushion Pneumatic Cylinder

SMC Pneumatics introduces an Adjustable Air Cushion option to their NCM Series of pneumatic cylinders. The NCM is a non-repairable round body actuator with 304 stainless steel exterior body that interchanges with other non-repairable, round body pneumatic actuators. The adjustable air cushion option is used where more kinetic energy absorption is required. It can also be used to reduce end of stroke noise.

The new adjustable air cushion option is dimensionally interchangeable and contains the same quality features as their standard NCM. The air cushion option will be available in bore sizes 0.75”, 1.06”, 1.50” and 2.0”. This option is available in three mounting styles.

Some of SMC’s great NCM with adjustable air cushion features include:

  • Floating type cushion seal for smoother start up and end of stroke movements
  • Piston wear ring to extend piston seal life.
  • Cushion adjustment is recessed to that it does not protrude outside the cylinder envelope.
  • Available with a built in magnet for end of stroke sensing capabilities.