SMC Pneumatics LEYG Guide Rod Type Electric Actuator

SMC has further extended its range of electric actuators with the addition of the LEYG guide type actuator. Available in either slide bearing or ball bushing guides, this addition to the series improves rigidity up to 5 times further, increasing the actuators resistance to lateral loads in lifting and stopper applications. As with the LEY series, the LEYG offers a maximum of 64 positions and both positioning and pushing control. Loads of up to 41 kg can be operated and a maximum of 700N of force can be output. Step data can be easily programmed via the controller software or by the separate teaching box.


  • Combines the repeatability and precision of an electric actuator with external guide rods
  • Ideal for lifting or stopping applications with high side load
  • Easy-to-use teaching box requires only 2 inputs: position and force
  • Programmable up to 64 positions