SMC Pneumatics VBA/VBAT Booster Regulator/Air Tank

SMC Pneumatics has updated their VBA series of booster regulators with improved service life, reduced noise, and improved reliability.

  • Factory air pressure has been increased by up to four times.
  • Air-only operation requires no power supply or electrical wiring.
  • Installation is done by simply inserting the unit in the air line, requiring less space than installing the compressor.
  • Since there is no electricity used, very little heat is generated, eliminating any impact on cylinders, solenoid valves, etc.
  • Bumper on the impact part of the switch valve reduces noise by 13dB.
  • Built-in mesh filter at IN port prevents operation failure due to foreign matter.
  • Integrated air-feeding tube with the main tube mitigates condensation.
  • 1/8″ gauge ports allows the use of standard fittings for remote pressure monitoring, etc.
  • Optional elbow silencer for more compact installation.