Phoenix Contact UTME 4 Test Disconnect Terminal Blocks

Phoenix Contact introduces UTME 4 test disconnect terminal blocks with pluggable COMBI connectors, the latest addition to the ICT-Cabinet line of DIN rail products. These new terminal blocks complement the UTME 6 series, released in 2009. Available with reliable UT screw clamp connection technology, the UTME 4 provides convenient and configurable current transformer (CT) test and measurement functionality in a compact 4 mm2 profile.

The UTME 4 combines test and measurement disconnects with pluggable COMBI connectors for increased safety and assembly time savings. Its innovative short-circuit plugs for CT shorting allow “make first, break last” operation.

A screw-free knife disconnect lever provides visual indication of the position of the switch. Each block also has bridging channels on either side of the disconnect lever. The pluggable shorting component locks into a bridging channel. The bridging channels also accommodate push-in FBS bridges and can be accessed to install test sockets.

Current ratings on UTME 4 series terminal blocks include:

  • UL 300/600 V, 25/5 A, AWG # 26-10
  • IEC 500 V, 28 A, AWG # 24-10