Red Lion Controls PAX2S Strain Gage Meters

Red Lion Controls, the global experts in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation, today announced the expansion of its next-generation line of panel products with the addition of the new PAX2S Strain Gage Meters. The PAX2S delivers advanced control and communication for weight measurement applications in environments that include food processing, truck scales, material storage and other weighing scenarios. Its advanced functionality allows plant engineers and maintenance staff to enhance overall efficiency and reduce costs by increasing accuracy in weighing processes.

With Red Lion PAX2S, users can display net weight and gross weight simultaneously, as well as communicate real-time weight information to a database or management system for monitoring, storage and reporting. This type of information is important for applications such as food processing, where monitoring and controlling the weight of each ingredient is critical to ensuring that recipes are followed closely in batch production. In addition, PAX2S uses a color changing LCD display system to alert operators to show when weight limits are being approached or exceeded.

“The PAX2S is the latest innovation in our long history of providing display products that meet the needs of both industrial and consumer environments,” said Jeff Thornton, indication product manager for Red Lion Controls. “The ideal PAX2S application is where two parameters need to be visualized at the same time, such as reading a net weight while the other display shows the material weight being added to the process. This two-source communication gives customers the information and control they require to efficiently keep processes running on time.”

The PAX2S includes a wide range of features, including:

  • Programmable dual-line display – uses red, orange and green to visually highlight exceptions and changes
  • Convenient input options – easily connect to load cell, strain gage or pressure sensors for fast, reliable data access
  • Universal power supply – for fast, easy installation regardless of power polarity
  • Swappable option cards – provide investment protection with industry-standard application support