Phoenix Contact HEAVYCON EVO D-Series Rectangular Connectors

The Phoenix Contact Heavycon EVO heavy duty connector line now includes the HEAVYCON EVO D-series. Continuing the use of the innovative bayonet-locking gland, the Heavycon EVO D-series offers the same inventory cost-reducing advantage as the Heavycon EVO B-series, but in a smaller package. With a hood width of just 30mm, the Heavycon EVO D-series saves space when compared to the 44mm wide B-series hoods. Offered with a single latch and the M20 or M25 bayonet gland, the EVO D-series accepts the fixed inserts designed for the D15 or D25 housings. The EVO D-series is made from polyamide plastic material and offers high reliability even in applications with high impact and vibrations. Designed with cost-savings in mind, the Heavycon EVO D-series can reduce inventory up to 70 percent inventory, thanks to the patented bayonet gland system. Built for harsh environments, Heavycon EVO D-series meets the requirements of IP66 and NEMA 4/4x/12.


  • Cable exit direction can be determined on-site
  • 70% inventory reduction savings
  • Two bayonet locking glands in M20, M25 for both the D15 and the D25
  • Accepts A10, A16, D15 and D25 fixed inserts
  • Meets IP66 and NEMA 4/4x/12 protection requirements