Phoenix Contact Nanoline CDMA Modem for the Verizon Network

With its newest communication expansion module, Phoenix Contact’s Nanoline controller can now communicate on the Verizon network . The NLC-COM-CELLULAR-CDMA allows easy and cost-efficient communication via SMS to remote locations that require simple control capabilities. This makes Nanoline the perfect control solution for remote pumping stations, remote tank monitoring sites, or simply any location that requires local control and has Verizon network coverage.

The Nanoline CDMA communication expansion module connects to the left of the Nanoline base station and is configured with the Nanonavigator software. The modem’s phone book can store up to sixteen 18-digit phone numbers that can be configured to receive program messages and/or fault or warning messages. The phone book may also be used to limit access of incoming SMS messages. 

The introduction of the CDMA modem expands the communication options for Nanoline programmable controller family. There is no other nano PLC with an integrated CDMA modem. Sending an SMS message is just as easy as sending a message to the optional Nanoline LCD operator panel.

Phoenix Contact Nanoline CDMA Modem for Verizon

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