Banner Engineering L-Gage LE Sensors with Class 1 Laser

Banner Engineering’s new L-Gage LE sensors offer the same robust housing, intuitive user interface and linear array technology as earlier LE models. They are an alternative for those concerned with using Class 2 lasers. The biggest advantage for this offering has been for automotive applications in Europe.

Class 1 laser versions of the LE250 and LE550 offer the same range and spot size options as the Class 2 laser versions. In order to provide the same range and measurement repeatability with a lower power laser, the standard, medium and slow response speed options for the Class 1 laser models have been doubled. For those that need measurements as fast as 2 ms, the LE’s fastest response option has not been changed. As a result, the repeatability from 600 – 1000 mm is slightly coarser than the Class 2 models when using the fastest speed.


  • Ready to measure from 100 up to 1,000 mm out of the box
  • Linear array provides repeatability and accuracy for challenging targets
  • Priced below competition with similar performance
  • Easy to set up and use with a two-line, eight-character display
  • Visible laser for small spot size and easy alignment