Banner Engineering Q4X Sensors for Clear Object Detection

Banner Engineering’s Q4XCOD sensor utilizes the same dual mode (dual intensity distance window) functionality to detect transparent and challenging objects regardless of angle or shape as the standard Q4XTBLAF. Similarly, no retro reflector is needed for operation, allowing users to simply teach the sensor the background of the application and go.

To provide a faster and easier installation solution for clear object detection, the clear object detection mode (also known as dual mode) is the default setting for this sensor, eliminating 2-point, dynamic, foreground suppression, and background suppression mode. The simplicity of this model is ideal for applications that deal with clear or transparent objects, such as:

  • Thermal formers and blow molding
  • Bottle filling and bottle handling
  • Shrink wrapped package detection and clear bottle (glass or PET), jar, or tray detection


  • Simplified menu options targeted at the detection of clear and challenging targets
  • No reflector required
  • Peak detection performance from 25 to 300 mm; longer ranges may be achievable depending on the application
  • FDA grade IP69k stainless steel housing withstands aggressive cleaning procedures
  • Angled four-digit display is easily viewed from multiple vantage points with easy to view output indicator
  • Highly visible Class 1 laser provides a very small, bright red spot for easy alignment
  • Rated to IP67, IP68 and IP69K
  • Superior ambient light resistance