Phoenix Contact Quint Power Low Wattage

Phoenix Contact introduces low wattage power supplies to their premium QUINT POWER product line. The newest members of this family deliver ultra-high reliability in new compact housing designs with power ranging up to 100 W. The low wattage devices feature maximum functionality with a diverse list of application worthy benefits. These compact low wattage power supplies accommodate critical applications utilizing the advanced technology of QUINT POWER.
For the first time, power supplies in the power range from 30 W can offer advanced functionality and capabilities such as a powerful dynamic boost and preventative function monitoring. All of their new QUINT POWER low wattage power supplies highlight the current robust QUINT POWER dynamic boost of up to 200 percent the nominal current for up to 5 seconds. The 30 W and 60 W devices also have the ability to provide a continuous static power boost of up to 125 percent of the nominal current. These are all NEC Class 2 approved.
These new models are designed for critical applications that may have spacing limitations. The compact housing and premier features of the new QUINT POWER additions provide innovative opportunities for analytical and strategic applications. Connection options include push-in or screw technology for easy installation.


  • Preventative function monitoring with adjustable signal output for DC OK or power thresholds, which enables LED and remote digital monitoring to detect critical operating states before faults occur
  • Dynamic power boost of up to 200 percent the nominal current for up to 5 seconds, offerering the option to reliably start inductive loads without interrupting the output voltage
  • Permanent static power boost of up to 125 percent the nominal current, giving you the option to easily power the application without switching to a larger power supply (1.3 A and 2.5 A options only)
  • High efficiency provides energy savings, lower self-heating, and increased service life of the power supply
  • Two connection technology options: screw or push-in connections
  • A compact design, creating space savings for size restricted applications
  • Cold start at -40°C, ensuring reliable operation under extreme ambient conditions
  • UL-approved DC-input voltage range, guaranteeing safe operation on battery-operated and emergency power systems

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