IDEC HS1T Interlock Switch w/ Solenoid

IDEC HS1T interlock switch with solenoid deliver 5,000N of locking force in a slim body, providing you with the flexible mounting options they want and the protection they need. Interlock switches are incorporated into machinery and equipment to monitor and lock gates, doors and similar access points. Many of these applications endure high vibration, thrown debris, physical abuse and even bypass attempts, so they must have a high locking force. HS1T interlock switches are strong, adaptable and secure; ensuring guarded locations are secure before starting a machine and denying access to certain areas during operation, features critical for operator safety and protection.


  • 000N Locking force
  • Smallest in the industry
  • Unique 3-cam locking mechanism
  • ISO 14119 Lock monitoring contact

IDEC HS1T Interlock Switch w/ Solenoid

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