Phoenix Contact PSRmodular Configurable Safety System

The new PSRmodular configurable safety system from Phoenix Contact is a flexible solution for monitoring your machine or system. Alongside monitoring classic safety functions such as emergency stop signals, safety door locks, light grids, and safety shut-off mats, safety functions such as speed, downtime, direction of rotation, and secure analog value monitoring can also be realized.


  • Modular extension possible up to 160 I/Os.
  • High-performance basic modules can be used as a stand-alone solutions or extend the system’s flexibly with extension modules to include the monitoring of motion and analog value data.
  • Minimize machine downtime with comprehensive, easy-to-understand diagnostics.
  • 17 extension modules.
  • Push-in Technology.
  • Integrated safe analog and safe motion monitoring for high-end functionality.

Phoenix Contact PSRmodular Configurable Safety System

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