If you need an actuator, Tolomatic likely has a solution. Tolomatic designs and manufactures a wide variety of Linear Actuators and Electric Cylinders ranging in size from about 2″ to 12″ square flanges, and thrusts from 100 to 100,000 lbs. Their motor controlled actuators can be equipped with the most appropriate drive technology (belt, rolled and precision ball-screw, roller-screw, or leadscrew) and bearing system (profile, roll, plain). They are a great choice for most industrial applications, including those requiring cleanroom, stainless steel, and/or wash-down solutions.

Tolomatic roller screw actuators are true hydraulic replacements, with some models even integrating actuator, motor, drive and control into a single package. Their technology increases the thrust per package size and/or life by a factor of 10 or more, compared to ball or lead screw style cylinders.

Tolomatic controls make startup and application development straight forward and easy for any engineer or technician. For those with specific drive and control preferences, Tolomatic makes it easy to order a cylinder with the motor of your choosing.

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