Four New Advanced Panel Meters from Trumeter Technologies

Four new and updated Advanced Panel Meters (APMs) from Trumeter Technologies feature innovative design and cutting-edge technology.

M1 Multi Meter

The APM M1 is an all-in-one meter that can be configured to measure amps, voltage or frequency, making it an incredibly versatile meter for a wide range of applications.


  • User configurable 3-in1 volt, amp and frequency meter.
  • User-programmable bar graph and alarms to immediately alert operators when a parameter is out of range.
  • Interface to other equipment using digital and analog outputs
  • Two LCD options: Positive for use in bright conditions or Negative for use in darker environments.

MicroAMP Meter

The APM MicroAMP Meter is a specialized meter for high resolution DC current measurement in microamps. It is ideal for applications including marine, material handling, load banks, power supplies and charging systems.


  • Separate Starburst display area for annunciators, custom messages and alarm information.
  • 40 segment curved bar graph display with programmable scale.
  • 16 position switch for selecting standard configurations.
  • 4-20mA analog monitor output.

Power Meter

This panel-mounted power meter is designed for use on mains circuits, potential transformers and current transformers. Its multi-measurement capability of active and reactive power makes it ideal for a wide range of power monitoring applications and one of the most flexible power meters for electrical monitoring.


  • Features two independent opto-isolated digital outputs plus one analog 4-20mA output.
  • User-programmable scale and custom alarm messages display critical parameters and immediately alerts operators when a parameter is out of range.
  • Programmable Current Transformer (CT) and Potential Transformer (PT) ratios.
  • Measures Active (W), Reactive (Var) and Apparent (VA) power.

Temperature Meter

The APM Temperature Meter is designed for use with thermocouples. Its versatile inputs and two outputs, which can be used to control other systems in the process, make it ideal for a wide range of industrial applications.


  • Designed for use with thermocouples type B, E, J, K, N, R, S and T.
  • 40-20mA analog retransmission output.
  • Configurable 20 point non-linear conversion table.
  • Innovative input signal optimization achieves 0.25% accuracy.

Trumeter Technologies M1 Meter
Trumeter Technologies MicroAMP Meter
Trumeter Technologies Power Meter
Trumeter Technologies Temperature Meter

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